Not only for food packaging, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is commonly used for all kind of its, since it is creating brand image & available in cheaper cost. Developed countries started using PET exclusively because it is eco-friendly and PET does not release toxic chemicals as PVC does.Most of the european countries are banning plastic based packaging and stepping ahead to limit the use of PVC. We could see more PET packaging in the future.

PET packaging has quickly become one of the most popular forms of hard plastic packaging.Because of it's strength, durability, versatility and design possibilities, as well as it's cost effectiveness, it has become the state of the art in retail, store packaging.

BrandsMart offers a large variety & style of PET shells as a versatile and inexpensive option for all your PET-shell packaging needs.BrandsMart also does customized PET cartons for your product, and custom plastic inserts to add to the fit, appeal and selling power of your product.

Few styles of PET cartons, we could manufacture & supply as below :

Tuck-in flap style
Butterfly lock style | Lock on top & bottom side
Butterfly lock style | Lock on back side
Butterfly lock style | Lock with central hanging tab
Tuck-in flap style | Rear hanging tab
Side glued sleeve style
Gussetted sides style
Hexagon style with dual lock | Tuck-in flap / Butterfly lock
Triangular style with dual lock | Tuck-in flap / Butterfly lock
Top & Bottom style | Glued on corners
Pillow style | Glued on side
Blister cards

BrandsMart also will work with you to print the blister cards that works best for your product presentation. A key feature is that our cards include a solvent-based coating, which is substantially stronger than a water-based coating. Solvent-based coatings provide:

Greater Strength
Extended Shelf Life
Increased Productivity

The inks also provide a bond between the paperboard card and the heat seal coating. They are wax free and formulated so as to not interfere with the bond of the plastic to the paperboard.

Offset printed up to 150 line screen
Upto 6-color process
Special match colors available
Vegetable-based inks
Solvent and water-based heat seal coatings
Die Cutting: per customer specifications

Paperboard for blister packaging re selected according to the size, shape and weight of your product, as well as the style of the package to be produced. Clay coatings are added to the paperboard to enhance printing results and the heat seal coating holdout.

Eventhough we don’t deal with blister shells / clamshells, we help our customers to make a variety of shapes and can custom design a blister pack that will showcase your product in the best possible manner through our JV contacts.