Stretch Films

Stretch Films

BrandsMart stretch films are manufactured using quality raw materials and are specifically designed to provide protective coverage for your products including iron and non iron heavy parts. These are custom designed as per the clients’ requirements and are available in various specifications. Further, the high quality of the films enables them to be widely acknowledged for their resistance to tear, easy to use and ability to resist high puncture. These films are available in different sizes and microns of 10, 12, 23 & 30 to meet the vivid requirements of the clients. The stretching capacity of the film is about 300% which assures more stretch length without any kind of breakage.

Types of stretch film:

1. Machine Roll: It is used in semi / fully automatic machines. It assures superior load retention to reduce shifting and movement. Machine rolls are normally got excellent puncture resistance with better protection and clearer film. It is recommended for all kind of conventional and power pre-stretch machine wrapping of palletized goods.

2. Hand Roll: Hand rolls are used manually since it comes with lightweight and easy to use. It is more suitable for manual wrapping of palletized, cartons & any other industrial products.


Advantages of BrandsMart stretch films:

• Better impact strength which protects from crude transport and rough handling.
• Excellent transparency & more eye appeal
• Great intimacy with products due to high elongation.
• Oil and grease resistant
• No harmful discharge while & after packaging
• Consumes low temperature for processing which saves energy and enhance efficiency.
• Social & environmentally friendly
• Products of all sizes and shapes can be packaged.